About Ranah

Ranah is a bit of a rebel in the fitness world, having left the New York fitness scene to set up shop in Italy. Nonetheless, Ranah comes from a very science-driven background in fitness, having worked her way up to the very top of the chain during her time at Equinox. 

She was a Tier X Coach (200 out of 5000 Equinox trainers) hand-selected to work at E by Equinox on Madison Avenue in NYC (bespoke Equinox gym). Tier X is a 360 degree approach to fitness that operates out of few Equinox clubs globally.

On top of being a Tier X Coach, Ranah was an EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute) Master Instructor, where she taught the personal training curriculum (subjects such as Biomechanics, Functional Movement Systems, etc.) to younger trainers in the Equinox
onboarding process. 

Her extensive background has allowed her to become a pioneer in the fitness space, as her approach is all about incorporating the truth of quality-focused movement and movement programming with the fun, infectious energy that we all seek from fitness. 

More importantly, she’s organically woven mindfulness and self-development — very relevant discourses in the wellness space today — into the Movement IQ methodology, as the method is all about fostering deep connection and alignment with oneself via strength training.  

Having been an avid electronic music fan for much of her life, Ranah worked in the music department of a top-tier talent agency (CAA) before transitioning into a career in fitness. 

Movement IQ is a method she created to blend the best of all of these worlds and package her mission into an accessible, results-driven, and forward-thinking training experience. 

She is extremely passionate about what she is bringing to the world and the way she believes it can help people for the better.