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A guided journey through the interplay of movement and electronic music.

The Approach

Focused attention on your anatomy. Methodological movements that progress with the music. We use precision and presence to effortlessly build strength and endurance from the inside out. 

The Experience

A reimagined dancefloor experience that opens, grounds and challenges you. A magnetic union between movement and music where movers become a powerful part of the show.

The Result

Energising mind-body alliance. Deeper connection to ourselves, other human beings, and a creative energy that is bigger than all of us. But most importantly — lasting endorphins from a really good time.


Intelligent Movement

Immersive Sound

Grounding Stimulation

Deep Connection

Dancefloor Energy

Meet Movement IQ Founder,
Ranah Farkhondeh

Ranah is a former music industry professional turned international movement expert. Read more about her story here (coming soon).

“I’ve always felt like a rebel both in the club scene and the self-development space. Movement IQ is the magic pill that brought together my two seemingly split worlds.”


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